This recipe demonstrates how to render one or many widgets based on a URL match.


  1. Add the necessary imports in your main file:
import { ProjectorMixin } from '@dojo/widget-core/mixins/Projector';
import { Registry } from '@dojo/widget-core/Registry';
import { registerRouterInjector } from '@dojo/routing/RouterInjector';
import { Outlet } from '@dojo/routing/Outlet';
import { w } from '@dojo/widget-core/d';
  1. Create a ContactWidget and wrap this widget with an Outlet:
const ContactWidgetOutlet = Outlet(ContactWidget, 'contact page');
  1. Define and register your routing configuration in your main file:
const routingConfig = [{
    path: 'contact',
    outlet: 'contact page'

const registry = new Registry();
const router = registerRouterInjector(routingConfig, registry);
const Projector = ProjectorMixin(HelloWorld);
const projector = new Projector();

projector.setProperties({ registry });
  1. Render the outlet, instead of your widget:
render() {
    return v('div', [
        w(ContactWidgetOutlet, {})
  1. Visit the URL: http://localhost:9999/#contact in a browser and observe your contact widget renders on the page

The widget ContactWidgetOutlet only renders if the path associated with the 'contact page' outlet matches in the URL.

Further reading

The Dojo 2 Routing tutorial covers routing in more depth.